Biodiversity: Biological Diversity Needs a Diversity of Responses

Biodiversity has become an important issue on the global arena. The importance of biodiversity is increasingly being recognised as of vital concern on the local, national and international levels. The challenge is how to find practical and workable ways to increase link to video plant 500 trees per hour using a rewilding stickbiological diversity. Obviously action needs to be taken on the governmental level. However there are also ways that individuals, and groups of individuals can begin to act on their own right and help create ecological change and increase biodiversity.

The issues and challenges around achieving biodiversity are many and therefore likely require many solutions in order to be find the most effective solution, or combination of solutions, for a given area.

One highly effective solution which has recently emerged is called a “Rewilding Stick”. A Rewilding Stick is a highly-scalable method suitable for leveraging the planting efforts of either a single individual, or of a large group of individuals. It is a low-tech solution which allows 1 million seeds to be planted for every 2,000 hours of planting make a rewilding stick videoactivity (per person). A single, determined individual could achieve this in one year of planting, and a group of individuals even more so.

This effectiveness of the Rewilding Stick means that a group of one thousand people could plant, say, 1 Billion seeds (assuming that the seeds and land are readily available) in a year or so. This means that a dedicated group of individuals can have the level of effectiveness previously only achievable by governments or large-scale organisations. For example, a group of people, could be organised in such a way that half spend their time gathering seeds and the other half spend their time planting them, would allow a very large amount of planting to take place.

The issues of biodiversity raise many challenges. The unthinking rush, which some are engaged in, to plant large quantities of the same type of tree all in the same area is not the solution. This is only going to create other ecological problems and does not address video use a rewilding stick the issues of biodiversity.

The Rewilding Stick can increase biodiversity, by encouraging mass planting of a wide variety of seeds of different types of plants (trees, grasses, flowers, etc.) and thereby also helping with restoration of animal habitats. This offers a revolutionary way to increase the rate of planting which is more akin to what nature does itself: plant seeds in situ in sufficient numbers to offset damage and consumption by local animal species. This supports the health and diversity of plant species as well as the health and diversity of animal species. You can find more information on the Rewilding Stick on this page; especially about how to

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William Fergus Martin
Founder The Global Rewilding Initiative
& The Global Forgiveness Initiative