Reseeding, Nature Reboot: It’s in the Numbers

Imagine what a few thousands of people, or a few tens of thousands of people, each planting 500 seeds in an hour, can achieve per year!

Helping nature to reboot by reseeding is a very powerful and effective means to intervene to help nature response itself. Lets look at the numbers:

Assume someone likes to take regular walks in nature, whatever the weather. Say they spend a two hours per week of that time using a Rewilding Stick. Assume further that the weather was only suitable for rewilding, say, 20 weeks per year. That would be 40 hours of rewilding time as a hobby over the year.

Using a Rewilding Stick one person can plant around 500 seeds in an hour. That would be 1,000 seeds in 2 hours. In 40 hours they could plant 20,000 seeds. If they stuck with it, over a period of 10 years that would be 200,000 seeds. We are now looking at one single person having a serous positive impact on the land.

What if they get a few friends involved? With three friends, who had the same level of commitment, that would become about 80,000 seeds per year. Over ten years (let’s assume they were all strongly committed) that becomes around 800,000 seeds they would have planted. That is nearly one million seeds, which could become trees, bushes, flowers, or whatever they were focussed on. That is quite a legacy to leave behind! They would also have the delight of revisiting areas they had worked on previously to witness the results of their efforts.

Of course, this is rather simplistic, but is shows the power of Reseeding using a Rewilding Stick. It shows was a small group of determined people can achieve. Imagine what a few hundred, or a few thousand of such people and such groups of people can achieve every year…

In the above we have not taken into account the time, or cost, of gathering seeds. However, gathering seeds can in itself be an enjoyable activity and since the likes of trees tend to be very abundant many thousands of seeds can be gathered in an hour. Experiencing, first hand, the abundance of nature is a delight. Many tree seeds fall on the ground and just rot as if there is not enough local animals to scatter them, or to ‘plant’ them with their various activities such a foraging and the like. By Rewilding in this way we convert that waist of seeds. Those seeds which would otherwise eventually rot, become groves of trees, forests, shelter and habitat for local animals. Also we later have the delight of watching those trees, or other plants, emerge and flourish.