BBC Radio Scotland: Interview with William Martin, our founder:


Red Bulletin (magazine of Redbull) had a feature To Bury the Hatchert, written by Tom Ward


Northern Scot: A local paper did an informative article on the “Rewilding Stick’:
Local Newspaper Article (Northern Scot)


Press Releases

Press Release: 26th November 2020. Immediate Release.

About Us

The Global Rewilding Initiative was founded on 2nd December 2020, Scottish Charity number: SC050606. Prior to that our founder, William Martin, had been developing and testing Rewilding Sticks since October 2016.  Our purpose is to spread knowledge of this type of Rewilding, by Reseeding, globally in all the world’s major languages. We intend for this to result in the planting of many millions of trees globally.

William Martin was born in Glasgow on 22nd July 1953 and currently lives in Findhorn, Moray, Scotland, UK. He is a semi-retired Information Technology Consultant. He is also the founder of The Global Forgiveness Initiative (, which promotes a free ebook, The Four Steps to Forgiveness, available in over 25 languages. He sees his Rewilding work as a way for people to become reconciled and reconnected with nature and the planet which we all share.

His book, Forgiveness is Power, is published internationally including China (ISBN: 9787559606006) and India (ISBN: 9789325975170).


Please click any image for High Definition Version. All images with individuals showing are of William Martin our Founder. Rewilding Sticks, shown in the photos, can be used to plant around 500 trees per hour. These can be made, using simple tools (drill, hacksaw, hammer and file) from just about any type of hollow metal walking stick, such as those issued by hospitals, or those bought online. As well as walking sticks, we have made them from fore-arm crutches, hiking poles, and pieces of metal pipe. Most of the examples below show a Rewilding Stick made from a walking stick typically issued by UK Health Authorities. These, and similar, ones are also available online fairly cheaply virtually every part of the world.



Not an old guy out walking. An old guy out planting a forest…



Some additional images of Rewilding Sticks made from different donor sticks. Plus an image of William Martin our founder.