Natural History Documentary: How Would You Feel If You Planted a Forest?

Thanks to the recent activity of the likes of David Attenborough, and his wonderful work with the Planet Earth documentary series,  there has been a surge of interest in Natural History,  the natural world in general and also interest in museums of natural history. This has created a surge of people who want to do something to help our planet. This has also increased the level of interest even in my famous (or maybe infamous) ‘documentary’ about planting trees. It seems to capture people’s imagination as it is about individual empowerment as well as restoring the beauty of nature in places where it has been lost or threatened.

The video shows people how they can actually do more about the environment; rather than just worry about it. Of course, we all do our part (I assume) when it comes to recycling, and some of us get involved in protests. Yet, it is even better to directly help restore the beauty of nature by getting seeds into the ground. This helps restore the natural habitat which has been lost and which the native animal species need in order to return to sufficient numbers to be able to maintain that habitat by themselves.

The video is very rough in places, but because of it is in a documentary style my friends joke about this being me doing my “David Attenborough” (all homage to that great man). However, for all its quirks the video is doing a great job of getting the word out and helping people realize that they really can do something directly to improve the environment and not just wait for governments and the like to do what is needed.

– William Martin,
Founder: Global Rewilding Initiative