About Us

We are empowering people to do something about the environment directly by planting trees and other plants in their area. We offer innovative ideas and information, professionally translated into various languages, to enable people, either indivually or in groups, to help replenish the Earth. We spead a lot of joy and brings smiles to people's faces too.

Plant Thousands of Trees Yourself

You can plant thousands of trees yourself, or along with others using a Rewilding Stick. How to Plant Thousand of Trees and Other Plants

How to Make a Rewilding Stick

You can make your own Rewilding Stick. I not good at DIY, perhaps a friend can help you. Make a Rewilding Stick

Overview of Rewilding / Reseeding

Our approach to Rewilding is unique in that we provide and approach with empowers you to be able to plant many trees or other types of plants quickly and easily. Overview of Rewilding / Reseeding