Seed Power: Nature Reboot

Much of the ecological process is embedded in seeds. The seeds of plants have evolved over many millions of years, probably many hundreds of millions of years, to give that seed the best possible chance of growing into a mature plant.

There is a lot of “power” embedded in seeds, not only the power to create new life, but also to respond to the situation and timing best suited to the success of that plant species.

This is why one of the most effective ways for us to intervene and help nature to reboot is to plant seeds of local native plant species into places where they are most likely to flourish. We are then co-operating with the fundamental creative forces of nature.

Planting seeds is primal. It is very good for our physical, and psychological wellbeing. It is very good exercise, because it is not too strenuous and we can do it at our own pace. If is very fulfilling and enjoyable because we really get to do something active and creative on behalf of nature. We get to be active participants in nature, we become part of the natural cycle. Rather only being observers of nature, and unhappy witnesses to the demise of aspects of nature, we become participants in its restoration.

And we can come back later and see the results of our actions. Trees growing where none, or only a few, grew before. Bushes flouring and attracting birds, A returning healthy ecology where before it was out of balance. The return of various animals whether it is cute squirrels, or equally essential creepy crawly things.

It is said that much of the benefit, in human terms, of planting trees goes to future generations. This is only partly true, and it is only true to the extent that those future appreciate what they have. It could alternatively be said that much of the benefit of planting trees goes to those who plant them, because seeing a few (or even one) small trees emerge, where they were lacking, brings a deep, visceral sense of fulfilment which few other things can match.