About Us

We are a newly formed charity (incorporated 2nd December 2020), Global Rewilding Initiative, Scottish Charity number: SC050606.  Our mission is: “The advancement of environmental protection or improvement”. We operate worldwide and will increasingly offer our ideas and information in different languages. We already have information about our activities professionally translated into Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian and Russian (see Translations page) with more translations on the way. You can contact us at: [email protected]

Address: 7 Bay View, Findhorn, Forres, IV36 3YX, UK.

Below you will find more about our current and proposed activities.

Our Mission: to help the global Rewilding movement to replenish natural habitats by introducing innovative planting methods such as Reseeding and the “Rewilding Stick” to a wider public.

Rewild, Reforest, Regenerate

The Problem

As the natural habitat has been reduced in many areas, the local animal species have been greatly reduced too. These animal species would normally help maintain the local habitat. They would do this by spreading and ‘burying’ the seeds from the existing plant species, such as trees, shrubs, grasses and flowering plants. As the local animals spread and bury seeds accidentally; by foraging, burrowing, and in the case of squirrels burying seeds deliberately, they would help ensure future generations of plant species that they themselves depend on – and create the various natural environments which we humans so appreciate. Birds and larger roaming animals, such as deer, may carry the seeds a long distance.

This lack of local animal species makes it harder for the local environment to sustain itself and to recover. There are often insufficient animals to maintain the habitat for the area and it can easily go into decline. Some plant species may simply disappear from the area entirely owing to the lack of local animals helping them regenerate, by spreading their seeds.

The Solution

A simple and effective way to help the local habitat to recover is to actively plant seeds of local plant species in places where they are likely to grow and flourish.

The seeds from local species can be gathered and then planted in that area, or other suitable areas, using a “Rewilding Stick”. With a Rewilding Stick, a single individual can plant around 500 seeds per hour into rough, unprepared ground. This is done upright at a normal walking pace. No bending is required, so it is suited to most reasonably fit persons of just about any reasonable age.

If seeds of native species are not available in-situ they can often be gathered from other locations, such as from local parks or from roadside verges. They can also be bought online, if none are available locally.

By turning Reseeding, using a Rewilding Stick, into a regular activity one individual can plant 10,000 trees over a total of 20 hours of walking. This would be otherwise be a very large undertaking, but it is very manageable, and even enjoyable, using this method.

Our Purpose

Our purpose to help the Rewilding movement globally by introducing the Rewilding Stick to a wider public. We do this by producing materials which explain how to make and use the device. Initially our information will be in English, but we plan to have materials in at least 10 different languages by Autumn of 2021.

Primarily, we will offer training videos and materials and online coaching and question and answer sessions on best practices related to the Rewilding Stick and Rewilding in general.

We are willing to help and advise others in their rewilding projects as best we can. However, we encourage others to become familiar with their local situation and their local plant and animal species so as to best serve the Rewilding needs in their area.