Planting Guidelines

What are the Rewilding Stick Planting Guidelines?

Suggestions for planting – depending on your situation.
+ plant indigenous species suited to the location, species which will support current and returning local wildlife.
+ use whatever is growing there to tell you about the type of soil (acid or alkaline) and find our what other indigenous species can grow well on that type of soil.
+ start with planting more of what is already growing there, or use pioneer species.
+ plant in ways which will provide cover if possible (such as planting tree seeds within the cover of small shrubs or the like).
+ notice spots which are still damp a while after rain. These spots may be better for some plants.
+ plant a diversity of things: a variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. Remember some fast growing bushes can help attract birds which will in turn help disperse seeds and bring other varieties of seeds into the area.
+ Disperse your planting over the area so that it is not too concentrated – so you don’t create a concentrated popular buffet food area for local wildlife.
+ Have fun while you are planting so that it becomes sustataible for you personally.
+ remember its ok for native wildlife to consume some of what you plant. We want the local wildlife to do well too as they will help disperse seeds when the plants mature and also because they have the right to live too.
+ If possible plant some things purely for the purpose of feeding the indigenous wildlife.